Starting today, we're deliberately slowing down ticket response times

DON’T PANIC! It won’t be that bad. It’s been a long time coming that we finally slowed down a tad, and let me explain to everyone why we’re doing this.

70% of the time our responses are almost instantaneous. This isn’t normal, I don’t recall any company that would respond as fast as we do in some of our tickets. We worked hard so our users have it easy, but this type of customer service will not be sustainable once (if) we keep growing. On top of that, it creates havoc on our end where multiple admins are handling the same tickets.

So, starting today, we’ve implemented internal ticket handling rules for admins which will make our job a little easier, but will slow down our ticket response times. We currently respond to most inquiries/replies in a few minutes (unless we’re all sleeping), that time now will (may, this won’t be a golden rule) extend to two hours per reply.

Don’t be mad at us!

This doesn’t mean that you will have to wait two hours for each reply. If I am your ticket holder and I am currently online and not doing anything else, I will try to finish up your ticket in a snap. But, thanks to our rules, even if I see other tickets not assigned to me that are open, I can’t touch them unless two hours have passed without an answer. This really isn’t just about making things easier, it really sucks on our end to have so many responses from so many different admins. It just gets very confusing for us (who did what? who is doing the transfer? do I send payment details? etc. etc.)

We will do our best!

Like I’ve mentioned before, we will still do our best to get you finished up as soon as possible. We’re just prepping our regular members not to panic and start tagging @Administrators if you don’t see a response in a few minutes.

With some other escrow sites, you’re lucky to receive a reply a day, we’re still proud to say that even after these changes, our support will be blazing fast.

I am awaiting your comments (and hate) :smiley: regarding this change.


I get it. You guys shouldn’t try to burn yourselves out.

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I was wondering since weeks how you guys can react so fast :thinking:

Good luck with growing swapd :+1::+1:

And at the time when you´re as big as Instagram … be a bit more “kind” than they have be come over time :laughing::laughing:


That’s me on vacation yelling at my damn phone saying “just read the god damn terms and agree!” :smiley:



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I have often wondered if you ever sleep lol

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How can we not be mad at you? you need to be here 24/7 to serve us!

and seriously, you’re super fast compared to other companies, slowing down response time a bit won’t do anything. just don’t get burnout

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Kinda did already :smiley: I’ve actually snapped and really acted unprofessional in one of our tickets where a scammer was being difficult. But getting over it, need to keep moving on! Thank you for your kind words.