Starting tomorrow 8/8/2018 we will begin reviewing every property that comes through our door!

Our website is slowly growing, and so are the number of listings. The listings are becoming a big mix of good/bad properties that are hard to sort through. This discourages the buyers and in turn, hurts the sellers. More and more of our members are requesting that we organize these listings, and we agree with them. This is why we plan to keep an eye out on every property that comes in through our digital door.

We are planning to:

Add appropriate tags to listings titles. We’re not talking the premium/verified tags. We will expand the tags to cover other important metrics such as the location of the followers, the amount of activity, whether software/tricks have been implemented, etc. This way a potential buyer who is looking (for example) for a US only fanbase, all he will have to do is click a US tag and he will see pages only with that base.

Tags will play a crucial role and should help members sort through the data to see if SWAPD has anything they need. Also, on properties SWAPD Staff may deem fit, we may post a mini-opinion on that property inside the listing.

These are just our ideas, and we’re open to hearing better ones!

If you believe you have a better idea in sorting the current mess we’re in then we’re all ears. Automation + auditing every account would be too expensive (for now) and too server intensive. We’re looking for light and simple solutions to clean up our listings, in order to organize them better.


Oh, and a quick FYI. We won’t be performing actual audits, that will still happen via Checkout. We will just lightly glance over the properties, tag the listings based on what we see, and confirm whether the sellers statements correspond with what he/she is selling.


Great idea! It would also be great to have a Tutorial for members of the community to self-assess the quality of properties.

Just to give one example: People look at engagement and reach metrics because they know millions of dead likes are useless, but then many sellers here and elsewhere artificially boost their stats by sharing to large pages they own as well. Just: Those pages won’t be part of the sale. And then buyers are unhappy when a page that had 50k link reach last month suddenly only has 2k link reach after purchase because the big shares weren’t included.

Similarily i saw people advertising websites with millions of hits just that 95% of the hits came from social media that were not included in the sale. So you would buy a page with 1k organic traffic that was advertised as having millions of hits for a high price. Someone who is new can easily fall into the trap.

So a thread to share ways to self assess and then a compilation of the best suggestions could be helpful for the community.

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To add on to this - I’ve been using for free analytics on judging an account at a glance (example report here: )

is pretty good at catching low quality accounts so you don’t waste your time.

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Love that idea. Added to our to-do list.

To add on to this - I’ve been using buzzweb.pro1 for free analytics on judging an account at a glance (example report here: )

Will check it out! Thank you.

What type of tags should we add?

We want to keep the tags to a minimum, otherwise the front page will get cluttered. So far, I’ve been thinking about:

  1. A tag that shows the majority of followers (country abbreviation)
  2. A tag for non-organic activity.
  3. A “spotlight” tag, for properties that were picked by staff (the ones we believe look good) - This tag will usually get associated with high activity.

Anything else? We don’t want any negative tags other than the non-organic tag. Properties that blatantly show signs of automation will get tagged poor quality and/or non-organic. But we want to stay away from tags like “oh wow this sucks”, “get this off our site”. :smiley:

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it would be great also to ban the seller that scam with page fake likes , selling copied pages as original one or hacked page on swapd , so the community will be always clear and eleet

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sellers should not be able to list assets without uploading all the relevant insights. its a huge waste of time for me to ask for insights for almost 99% of the fb/ig/twitter accounts for sale, and i miss out on a lot of possible purchases as i cant be bothered to message everyone and wait for their reply.


OK. So force people to list the basic data. We used to do that but lately we simply forgot to enforce it.


We will also add page topic to the tag (categories), so people looking for sports pages can click a sports tag and see all sport related pages.


You can now get notified on posts with certain tags.
For example, are US-based pages something that interests you? Simply search for #US (add the #) in our search bar and then choose how you would like to get notified. All future posts that include the US tag will send you direct notifications. This includes all the tags we use.

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I don’t know about most users, but I personally like to buy accounts with trash engagement and high follower counts, even if they’re botted, as long as they’re being offered up for a low and reasonable price, so I’d have to disagree with the first part of what you’re saying there @neat

Trash will still be allowed, providing the sellers don’t lie about their origins. It’s just that everything bad will be labeled as so from now on.


Sounds good! Hopefully that’ll get sellers to rightfully drop their prices on trash accounts once they’re labeled so, as far too many users try to overprice the hell out of them.

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ok bro i just mention to ban the scammers , whom sell hacked pages as its there pages and lie about pages fake likes and copied pages as original one because for sure we have some ppl here in swapd whom are new to socialmedia world and hidden stuff sonot everyone know that there is some copied page out there and these pages dont even cost 100$ even the page is 1m , but if the seller tell the buyer the truth about the page situation then its up to the buyer to buy it or not

So how is everyone liking this new set up so far? The tags are kind of annoying but you can instantly tell if the link is worthy of clicking, no?

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I’ve already noticed topics disappearing that got labeled in the way the seller didn’t want them labeled.


this is the best move from Swapd