Strange instagram bug/error

Hey there, I’m here experiencing this particular instagram error which I had almost 3 times.

The settings part of the account u hold will complete change its look.


  1. U cannot revert back to personal account once u changed ur personal account to business account.

  2. if any case u got stuck up as business account the reach/discovery/profile visits everything will drop eventually (like a shadow ban). But if u still remain as personal account there won’t be any problem except u miss swipe ups.

I still can’t figure out the exact reason for this error but it may be of these reasons.

  1. Inter shouting ur own pages (logged in same device). Because my another admin didn’t experienced this error in his mobile.
  2. or Using the same image multiple times to shout the pages.

Mostly in 3 days if u keep ur personal account as it is, the error will revert. But if u have changed to business profile, it will take up to a week to revert.

Below is the image that ur settings part will change to. U can still find change to personal account but it won’t work.

So the error happens when you try to revert from Business to Personal profile?

first of all this changed a long time ago not sure which update it was but it did.

this mostly happens when you buy a new account and it was previously linked to another facebook account so it wont allow you to switch back to personal account. this can be solved by first linking your facebook account then try to switch back to personal.

am not sure i understand this. but you mostly get a shadow ban when you have been reported, or your post was removed, or spamming hashtags. i read somewhere in the new update they customize how we see hashtags to reduce spamming in them. if you think you have a shadow ban just loggout for 48hrs when you come back try to engage correctly.

i highly doubt this

now this is spamming.

No the error doesn’t allows changing business to personal account.

That’s odd.

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Everything u predicated was wrong…

This is my account i haven’t bought this. And doesn’t know what ur talking about that settings part …

I didn’t get a shadow ban coz I use my page as a personal (private account), just to get a swipe up i need to change it as a business account.

What u doubt ???

I don’t spam, i usually never spam anything in my any accounts… even for a shout i usually take 24 to 28 hours…m

Yeah never heard anyone with this bug… But I’m the only one to experience (i hope)…!!!