Submit Requests To Facebook & Instagram

Service type: Will submit requests to Facebook and Instagram from my panel on behalf of you (read description for more info)

Price: $100 per submission (negotiable)

Ok to start out, this service is not guaranteed (confirmed it all with @Swapd already)

What I will do is use the access I have to Facebook and instagram’s direct panel to submit requests for you.

The price is low because I don’t guarantee you get your username, or get an account reactivated etc.

How the process goes:
Step 1. Contact me stating what you need done (see list below)
Step 2. Provide all information I request
Step 3. After I submit I will have their reply email set to yours so that after I submit you are free to discuss directly to the rep that handles your case. This will allow you to fight for what you want etc. Just please be respectful.

That is it, I will provide proof of submission and you will get an email confirmation as well.

For this to work you must actually have good reasons, if you for example want the username @dog that is inactive but can’t provide info other than “you want it” I can guarantee it won’t succeed.

Topics to choose from:


  • account deactivated
  • username claim
  • account merge


  • URL Change
  • Page merge
  • Page name change
  • Request Page Takedown
  • Reactivate deactivated page

For any questions please feel free to contact me through SWAPD messages.

Approved for now (let’s see where this takes us)

I think you’re talking About Facebook Live chat, Everyone who had run Advertisement on fb gets live chat to talk to their representative for the quick help, but they won’t listen to your request, in most of the cases they refuse your request

You can’t do specific requests like this on live chat. You can discuss small things with them like quick changes and ad accounts but this is for actual major requests that live chat will just tell you they can’t help you.

Thank you for your input though.

My old facebook account was suspended can you help with that?


Hello i was wondering if this would work for a page that is inactive has 16 followers?

Not sure why people are selling this kind of service. All requests you have mentioned can be sent (of course with no guarantee of success) through the Publisher Support Portal, and if it’s a a small request you can just go to the live support…

I appreciate you messaging me about this, like I said in the message it’s a different portal with a higher success rate.

Everyone please DM me after you comment

Thats media support link and its already opend for anyone

It’s not media support link, but I really appreciate you taking the time to think you know what it is. Thank you have a great one!

Thank you for this post! I may try it out in the future time (perhaps within the next month). :slight_smile:

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This is a pretty basic client support panel

This won’t get you very far. You need a MEDIA panel which has a blue screen like the one I have to get your submissions taken seriously.

Also, please note that people who have media panels, will likely not sell submissions because they can get their permission taken away if they abuse it.

Its so great of you to say its a form that its not. I would really appreciate you asking questions before assuming. It is NOT that form, but thank you very much for pretending to know what you’re talking about.

Have a wonderful day.

I have the exact same thing… I don’t think it’s something special
EDIT - Nevermined, it shows me different things

@Swapd please close this thread. People here are too childish and think they know what portal i am using before even seeing it or asking question. I am going to hold back on offering this to people.


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