Super Organic Viral 2.4M TikTok! 24.2M Likes

Country of followers: International
Amount of followers: 2,400,000
Niche: DIY/Crafts/Interesting videos
Promotion methods used: Organic (many videos go viral and appear on fyp)


I am selling this insane 2.4M followers TikTok account. It’s growing at over 100-120k followers a week and it’s averaging over 70M views a month.

It’s very easy to find content for this niche. Most of the videos appear on fyp which results in great growth.

I had plans to brand this account and use the audience to gain followers on other platforms but I am pretty busy so I have decided to offer it to someone who will be able to use the insane potentional.

Description: With over 400M Video Views in Total.

Pls send Username and Best price

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3k right now

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Check Private Message.

The account is now 2,040,000 Followers. (58k in 1 Day)

how much?

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PM me the username please

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PM handle and price please

Username and price please

Bump. 2.1M

Update thread with c/O

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send info

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Price? PM info. Serious buyer

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send me the handle

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pm handle, please. Thanks :slight_smile:

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handle and price bro

Bump Update (2.2M Followers)

Please share handle and price