SWAPD 3.2 on the horizon - Here is what's coming!

Reinstalled the app. This is what it looks like when I open it without any session.

Prefer not to divert attention from this thread with this minor problem, but I am willing to provide all necessary details via private message for further investigation.

I got the same problem last 4 months my oneplus 9R

Using tap logo

Hiw can I solve it?

Excited for all these. :pray:t3::pray:t3: thanks for the hard work!

you can use the “Add to home screen” option in ios when you open Swapd.co from Safari browser. It works exactly like the App + you can access it like your current app. but yeah, dump the ios app that no longer supports new updates.

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Slight delays may be possible, just an FYI. We’re doing our best!

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Same Problem Last 2 Months

Tapping top left logo redirects you to homepage.
Been doing as temporary fix every time the application is opened.
Hope it will be fixed in the next version release.

The iOS app is outdated and no longer supported. Use HomeScreen app, people.

Screenshot with the reported issue in on Android 14

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The final phases of testing start tomorrow. So, we’re really close.

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