SWAPD AI Contest - Win 500 USD cash of SWAPD's own money! (Contest Over)

Send me :face_holding_back_tears: @HamzaKhan

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Only a few days to go!

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Boss, is it finished? :purple_heart:

I really wanted to participate in this contest, but I didn’t know how to make

i’m late :C

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YYIKES. Forgot about this. Adding up stuffs now.

WOW, so this contest sucked! But the winner is: @thegrowth!

That is the winning image with 12 likes!
Thank you all for playing :slight_smile:

@thegrowth - Please PM me to get the reward!


Thank you to all creators. :purple_heart:


Ok bye

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I was busy I would’ve Win :1st_place_medal: easy

But congratulations for @thegrowth

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