Swapd Notifications Automation

As I see myself living in the SWAPD forum everyday of my life now hunting for niche-specific accounts to buy, the idea of being able to define a notification based on few keywords or SWAPD Tags to be sent to my email or popping up on my phone via the SWAPD App would be very cool.

So I’d set 3x IFTTT to let me know ASAP

  1. If any post posted with the PREMIUM tag
  2. If any post posted with the word TRAVEL included in title
  3. If any post posted with the word LUXURY included in the title

Maybe someone has already submitted this idea long time ago, if so, just bumping the idea up.


You can already do #1.

Just go to Settings>Notifications>Tags:

2 and 3 are not available yet, but in the future, who knows. Thank you.

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Thank you! Missed that one on my settings.

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For 2 and 3, you can also add LUXURY and TRAVEL, as we tag niches too :slight_smile: