The best Facebook/Instagram verification specialist on SWAPD. @Lunar, it's time to shine the spotlight on you. SWAPD Digest 16.10.2021

SWAPD Digest? What’s this? What are we digesting? Long story short, we’ve opened this category to briefly discuss things happening inside our little world. We will bring you the latest news on who does what, who’s the best, and shine the light on promising listings hand-picked by SWAPD staff.

Today we concentrate on Facebook and Instagram verifications. Who on SWAPD is the current champ?

Hands down, we can safely say that at the moment, @Lunar provides the most successful Facebook and Instagram verification service on SWAPD. And here are the reasons why:

  1. At the moment, he is currently managing 62 open tickets. To let that sink in, our company (as a total), currently averages 250 +/- open tickets at any time. So, the amount of volume Lunar brings and is able to manage is astounding.
  2. The amount of checkout tickets doesn’t stop @Lunar from being professional, responsive, and kind to his clients. We’re amazed that he is able to respond to all of his clients nearly on daily basis. Answering questions, giving updates, and guiding them in the right direction. As staff, we really don’t have much to do while watching over his tickets.
  3. Over a 90% success rate. Yes, @Lunar promises GUARANTEED verification services. But even he isn’t able to hit the nail on the head every time. However, getting verified on FB/IG isn’t easy, so a 90% success rate is a huge feat, in our opinion.

To sum up, if you’re looking to get verified on FB/IG, you can safely consider @Lunar for your projects. But please don’t take this post as a single possible option you may have for verifying your Facebook and Instagram accounts. There are plenty of other sellers who also deliver on SWAPD. Notable mentions go out to @Hermes and @Brxx, and a few more users whom we will discuss in our later SWAPD Digest pieces. But for now, this article is about @Lunar, and let’s stick to that.

If you’re interested in getting your Facebook or Instagram account verified, check out his thread here:

Lunar, how do you do it?

Let us pick your brain, tell us a little about yourself (if you like). Users want to know!

  1. How many hours per day do you work on your SWAPD projects?
  2. On how many other sites do you offer your services?
  3. What was the fastest Facebook/Instagram verification you have done?
  4. Did any of your clients lose the verification badge after getting verified? If yes, why did it happen?
  5. What’s your favorite color?
  6. Do you like @RandyMarsh?

:smiley: You don’t have to answer these questions if you don’t like, we understand. We just wanted to let you know your work is appreciated and we would like to thank you for using SWAPD!


You can also contact @Lunar by sending a message to his SWAPD agency, @Lunar-Agency.


50K a week!

Just a last-minute update. I wanted to post the image above to show Lunars efforts translated into $$$. And even though he is outshined by our Twitter specialist @Goofy, making almost 50,000 USD in a week is an amazing accomplishment. Shoutouts to the big players, and everyone else striving to join the higher ranks of SWAPD top earners. We should change our logo from SWAPD to $WAPD.


I typically just work until my inbox has been cleared out. On some days it definitely does take quite a decent amount of time, but I try my best to get through it all! On average I’d say I spend around 5 – 6 hours a day on Swapd. I think my favorite Swapd related projects though are creating new threads; I enjoy making the graphics on them myself - Presentation goes a long way in my opinion!

Don’t really advertise on any other websites. Anything done off-site is mostly via messenger apps and such. Swapd does it best! (No I was not paid to say that)

I’d say about a month. This was a memorable one for me though! -

Have not had any verification badges lost before actually. Let’s try to keep it that way!

Orange 100%

Prefer not to answer.


Congratulations on your success. Keep up the good work! :rocket: :rocket:

Incoming notification: You have a 100 USD SWAPD bonus reward!



Congratulations :love_you_gesture: :heart:


Congratulations @Lunar.




Congratulations @Lunar, people like you motivate us small players


Keep up the Dope Work :fire: @Lunar


Congratulations on your well-deserved success! :clinking_glasses:


Congrats @Lunar looking to do some business together soon

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@Lunar responding to SWAPD tickets, circa 2021.


Good work, congrats! :+1:

Inspiring!! @Lunar :boom: :boom:

Congrats @Lunar and thanks for the mention @Swapd !

And I guess congrats to noob @Brxx

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