The ins and outs of SWAPD! Find out what sells the best, which services are most sought after, and where the big money is. SWAPD Digest 28.10.21

Hello SWAPD’sters!

We’re coming at you with another in-house write-up. This time, we want to talk about SWAPD in general. What sells the best on SWAPD? What services are in demand? Which social properties yield the most moolah? What are people searching for? The answer to these questions should help any savvy e-businessmen in maximizing their profits.


Please remember, SWAPD is a forum-based marketplace. We don’t have a backend tracking platform that shows us specific details. Therefore, the following information will sometimes be based on staff experience. This means that some of the numbers may be skewed, but only by a slight margin.

Almost five years in the making…

Before we get down to brass tax, let’s talk about SWAPD and its current state. We’ve been on the market for nearly five years now. Considering the amount of time we’ve existed, we didn’t amount to an ungodly membership count. However, the members we do have are the most wonderful bunch in existence! The following data shouldn’t be dismissed, nor is it about bragging rights. Because if anything, we personally believe we could have done much better over this period of time. This data shows the current (and new members) the possible potential of doing business on SWAPD.

SWAPD statistics!

  • Since we’ve first started generating traffic in April 2017, we’ve reached a steady 1.4 million hits per month.
  • SWAPD members currently send anywhere from 80-90K messages every 30 days.
  • We currently average 20-50 listings per day.
  • Currently, we manage anywhere from 200-250 transactions at any given time.
  • Ever since we began tracking sales volume data (started in March 2020), we’ve accumulated $7,713,597 USD in sales. Unfortunately, everything before that date would be too time-consuming to sum up accurately. But we can reasonably estimate that we’ve come close to the 14-15m USD mark.
  • We currently have 27.2K members. The actual number is higher, but unknown. This is because our system deletes accounts that have been inactive (and unused) for 12 months.
  • Since we’ve started, there have been 35,000 listings posted on SWAPD.
  • Including 2 600 000 posts, replies, and PMs.
  • There are 12 wonderful staff members keeping this site running smoothly.
  • Over the years, we’ve developed strong policies that keep scams and fraud to a minimum. In fact, we don’t even recall the last time our victim fund was used.
  • And last, but not least. SWAPD was valued by to be valued at 1.7m USD.

In short, we’ve established a strong foothold in this niche. There are thousands of SWAPD members making supplemental (or full-time) income here. Let’s move on and talk about what are the biggest moneymakers and where to invest your efforts.

So, what’s the hot ticket items and services buyers go for?

Over the years, we’ve seen a significant transition in our checkout tickets. We went from a social property swapping middleman to managing services. In fact, admins have a backroom joke, that we should change our name from SWAPD to SERVD. Because at the moment, service-based sales constitute 70-80% of our entire business. We could literally stop facilitating the sales of accounts and still survive. That’s how things have changed on the back end in the past years. Whether this is good or bad, we don’t know. We just want to relay this information in case anyone would want to rebrand into a new venture.

Here are the top moneymakers on SWAPD (in the services category)

  1. Verification services. Whether it’s for TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, verification tickets are the biggest moneymakers for sellers on SWAPD. They range anywhere from 1000 to 20000 USD per verification.

  2. PR services. The second most impressive income generator. We’re not talking about a guest blog post on an unknown site. We’re talking high-end publications, TV spots, radio interviews, etc. Ticket prices range from 3000 to sometimes even 100 000 USD.

  3. Random social media related services. From unbans, account and page recovery, to username claims and any other hard-to-obtain service. Social media related services are the third biggest money makers on SWAPD. Sometimes, the price tags for such services are even higher than our #2 spot. However, the overall volume for such services is slightly lower, hence the #3 position.

These are the biggest money makers on SWAPD, in terms of overall volume. We have a few random other service providers who do things such as video creation, help with monetizing pages/channels, etc. But their share of the entire SWAPD volume is minimal. Our guess is it’s because of the lack of user demand.

The most in-demand social properties (items category)

Here are the most sold social properties on SWAPD this year, ranked from best to worst.

  1. Instagram. No shocker there. Instagram took the lead about two years ago and is still the most traded platform.
  2. YouTube. A good YouTube channel will sell in no time.
  3. TikTok. Remember when we all thought TikTok was done for when Donald Trump wanted to ban it from the United States? Well, he didn’t, and the platform is slowly climbing the SWAPD ranks.
  4. Twitter. We’re seeing a rise in interest in Twitter accounts. In fact, even though it’s in the #4 position, there are more people currently searching for Twitter accounts than Instagram (this trend is taken from data accumulated from the past 60 days).
  5. Facebook Fanpages. The once king of social properties is no longer a hot ticket item. Unless it’s a huge page with an active audience, Facebook Fanpages do not bring in any significant sales.

That would sum up the item category. The rest of the properties listed on SWAPD, such as Reddit, SnapChat, Spotify, Tumblr, etc., and any other random accounts to popular services, constitute a very small fraction of sales.

Here are the most-searched-for phrases in 2021!

The following phrases are related to social platforms and/or access to valuable places!

  1. CMS
  2. Instagram
  3. Instagram Verification
  4. YouTube
  5. Twitter
  6. Verification
  7. TikTok
  8. SnapChat
  9. Spotify
  10. Verified
  11. Twitter Verification
  12. Facebook
  13. Press
  14. TikTok Verification
  15. Pinterest
  16. Facebook Page
  17. Facebook Verification
  18. Verified TikTok
  19. Username Claim
  20. Wikipedia
  21. YouTube Channel
  22. Unban

CMS has always been the most-searched-for phrase. We’ve seen CMS-related tickets (although extremely rare) sell for 25-50k within mere minutes.

What are the most searched for niches on SWAPD? Here is the 2021 data!

  1. Crypto
  2. Travel
  3. Music
  4. Fashion
  5. Food
  6. Gaming
  7. Anime
  8. Fitness
  9. Meme
  10. Dogs
  11. Babes
  12. NFTs
  13. NFT
  14. Football
  15. Beauty
  16. Business
  17. Cats
  18. Real Estate
  19. Cars
  20. Luxury

This list should give all property hunters a general idea of what will sell the fastest on SWAPD.

Just for fun, here are the most top searched SWAPD users in 2021!

Some people are becoming small-time celebs on SWAPD. While searching through our data, we’ve found plenty of search hits for a few particular users. And they are:

  1. @SWAPD (I shouldn’t count for obvious reasons, why did I pick this username?)
  2. @Jkr123 - Our queen!
  3. @bunny (no longer a member)
  4. @Lunar - The current king of verifications!
  5. @Goofy - Our Twitter specialist and the only person in the world with a SWAPD tattoo.
  6. @Brxx - I have seen his gun collection, please be nice to him.
  7. @coehn - This guy is a master reseller. Without a doubt, we can safely say he is the best flipper on SWAPD.

That’s it! Our data stopped at seven people :slight_smile: You should all feel proud for being the most sought-after SWAPD users.


Generally speaking, what sells the most on SWAPD are things that are unique and hard to obtain. The data doesn’t lie. People want to buy fame, reach, recognition, or want someone to help them with something no one else can. Our biggest piece of advice is to work hard and find a unique approach, and you will be able to quit your day job (if you have one). We have a small-time army of SWAPD members who do what they do for a living from the comfort of their homes. To see the potential of being a SWAPD seller, check out our top earners page.

Thank you for reading!


One of My business partners recommended to checkout swapd and start selling over here.
I guess I will always be thankful to him :slight_smile:

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This would be also a good time to talk about shining through the crowd by using accurate listing titles. For example:

“hell aktiv primiuam page”

… has no chance of showing up in search results. Yes, we have plenty of listings like that. Just like Google, our website has an algorithm it goes by. It identifies and matches keywords found in the title and the topic description. Use the keyword list I’ve mentioned in this SWAPD Digest to improve your chances of bringing more attention to your listings. It’s common sense, really. A well-written title could mean the difference between a sale or having your topic closed due to inactivity.


Happy to hear that! I don’t think that Swapd is only marketplace. we’re here sellers & buyers , we have communication , contests , helpful informations etc. We are a small family where we share what we want :call_me_hand: :heart:

I’m proud of you guys and thank you so much for being on Swapd! :clinking_glasses:


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We Are Family!


I was right, ig page sales have gone down the drain after covid.
That being said i hope and im sure swapd will hit new heights very soon!

In my opinion, Instagram still sells in high volumes. However, the prices have dropped significantly.

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Prices will go up again tho after reels bonuses are fully launched

You’re most likely correct :smiley:

Bumping this so newb sellers learn what’s hot right now.