The first member who reaches 1 000 000 USD in sales/purchases on SWAPD gets an all-paid trip to the islands of Maldives!

Yes, SWAPD has reached the point where there is a very good possibility that our members will reach one million dollars in sales/purchases. Naturally, this contest is aimed at our Diamond Club members, who already reached 100 000 USD in sales/purchases. We are happy we’ve reached this level of success along with our heavy-hitting buyers and sellers, we can’t thank you enough.

Also, users who aren’t such business tycoons don’t need to worry. SWAPD merch is around the corner and we plan to send gifts for various accomplishments to members with lesser (yet still important) milestones.

A big thanks to our community!

The trip will include airfare + hotel stay for 5-7 days. The details of the trip will depend on the users geographical location and free time. The award may be given out as a voucher or be paid in full directly by SKYNET, Inc.


Cool :heart_eyes:

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In case anyone is wondering, @Jkr123 is in the lead with almost a quarter-million dollars in sales/purchases.

The last person in line is @Posad, with a 5 USD balance for a domain he bought for 300 USD and flipped on SWAPD for five buckeroos.


Just congratulations

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Forgot to add, photos in a swimsuit while browsing SWAPD on the winners laptop will need to be uploaded to this topic.


Then u want me to win

No, I don’t :smiley:

As motivation, here is our private amateur vacation video of when my wife and I went to the Maldives in 2017 :smiley:
(Shot with a sports cam so it’s crappy)


It’s a beautiful place! :heart:
I had spent the first 5 years of my childhood in Maldives. It’s one of the best tourist places to visit.


@coehn thought i’d see your name here :hushed:


Nah, I will probably die before I reach that number on Swapd


THIS IS AWESOME :heart::heart_eyes:

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@Swapd can we convert it to cash? I’d like to donate to @Posad to finally help him verify his Instagram.


What city do you live in I’ll take it

What if we already live in the Maldives :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!!


How much have I reached…
By now I should have done over the said amount in sales.

Awesome reward

@moderators there goes our Christmas bonus chaps!


Nah, if you start offering verification services you can reach that.
It’s like that’s the easiest and fastest way to reach that number

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Cool :heart: