The Helpful badge - Rules and guidelines

What is the Helpful badge?

The Helpful badge is a staff-issued award. It’s given to users who go out of their way to help others. There are certain incentives behind the badge, such as:

  1. Free Premium Memberships
  2. SWAPD Rewards credits
  3. SWAPD merch (coming soon)
  4. Significant discounts for sellers on SWAPD fees
  5. BTC rewards

The more badges you collect, the more things you can earn!

Current badge rewards

As of 22.03.2020, here is the list of the current rewards. You can trade your Helpful badges for the following things:

  • 20x badges = 1x free lifetime Premium Membership (99 USD value)
  • 20x badges = 100 USD in BTC.
  • 20x badges = 100 USD in SWAPD Rewards.
  • 20X badges = SWAPD merch (coming soon). From hoodies, hats, to mugs and t-shirts.
  • 20x badges = 1x NO-SWAPD-FEE coupon good on any sale, no limit on the transaction amount.

More rewards coming soon. To collect your reward, PM your nearest admin.

What can you do to earn these badges?

  1. Write helpful articles.
  2. Create good tutorials that help others.
  3. Answer user’s questions in our new Help Center.
  4. Help SWAPD members to the best of your ability.

Helping others doesn’t mean a one-line response. “Google it” doesn’t qualify. Yes, it’s a silly example, we would like to emphasize that we will only consider well written and original responses for the Helpful badge. Super well-written articles and tutorials that impact SWAPD’s viewership in a significant way will be rewarded multiple times. It won’t be uncommon to see a member receive 10-20 badges in a single swoop if his deeds help our website grow.

The more badges you get, the better chances you have of becoming a staff member.

As SWAPD grows, so will our staff. Members who collect lots of Helpful badges may be considered for the staff position in the future. Also, we plan to do yearly member awards, and again, the badges may help members win more prizes.

Badge info, rules, and guidelines:

  1. Don’t ask for the badge. The badge is given out by SWAPD staff only, based on our own judgment. It’s OK to nominate someone for the badge, but please don’t solicit staff for them.
  2. The badges can be revoked at any time without any reason given.
  3. SWAPD staff may award multiple badges for the same cause, providing that the deed in question warrants such generosity.
  4. The badges may be exchanged for rewards listed on this page. The rewards are subject to change, depending on availability.
  5. The badges do not expire.
  6. The badges are not transferable.
  7. SWAPD staff cannot participate in this program or collect the badges.
  8. Only ID-verified users qualify.

These rules are subject to change without any notice.