The Power Of Giving Back

Hi Swapd Community!

I would like to use the opportunity to remind everyone of “the power of giving back” since I’ve won the "Sponsored Article "auction on Swapd, and I don’t know what to post.

We all want more money and push for the next financial level every day. But we often forget the most important thing.

Giving back or donating to the causes that you care benefits not only the charity but also benefits you. There are too many advantages to giving back that you can even realize. Giving back will make you feel deeply rewarding at heart. Many wealthy people have a habit of constantly giving to society to support causes that they believe in, they just don’t speak about it.

Money won’t give you happiness. Instead, it’s how you use your money that increases your fulfillment. And this is the true human power.

Feeling Love, Joy and Peace will unlock your full potential. That’s where the magic happens. We all know these situations where miracles happen, big deals, new connections, or everything seems to work well. Some people will call it “Luck”. I call it the result of being fulfilled in life and being a good human that attracts this kind of opportunity.

And the most important thing, no one needs to know how much you donate. Do it for you and people in need, not for showing off.

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Absolutely true. From tipping delivery guys to giving money to charities or giving money to a homeless person.

I have experienced it a plenty of times. Important to do it without expecting something back. The moments I gave away with expecting something (blame me lol), nothing happened.

The true moments I didn’t even think about doing something good, I experienced great things.

Some might not believe in it, but I surely do :pray:


Giving without expecting. Very important note.

Thanks for sharing.

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reap what you sew fellas!

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Hello, Guys!

@Liaoradea, I agree with you, donating funds to the homeless or someone who needs is very good, that’s what I am doing after selling something. after donating I feel very good. no matter how much & what I’ve donated.

I am not donating to receive something back, i just believe in helping people because in the end, a good heart always wins. Thats why I believe in " Pay it forward "

Well, i don’t agree with this, let me tell you why. Money brings freedom , Freedom brings choice and choice brings happiness. in my opinion

Agreed with that, feeling love, Jou and peace are very good, when you know how to use it. Honestly, i love sharaing quotes and i think, @HamzaKhan can confirm it ( i’m posting on FB )

So, it’s not luck ( or maybe it is ) but I believe, that it’s not luck. if you want to do something, then you have to work for it. right?

that’s really true, love to see your post! Thank you very much, @Liaoradea :clinking_glasses:

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You can have money and not enjoying freedom. You’re the creator of freedom. Therefore, it’s how you use your money. Same thing

But thanks a lot for sharing your experience :pray::pray:

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Um, if we continue talking about this, i think we will never end here. here is what i think.

This is what makes me happy and how I am going to enjoy my life.

  • Not Living Paycheck to Paycheck

  • Enough Money to Quit your Job (for a bit)

  • Enough to be Financially Happy and still Save

  • Freedom of Time

  • More Money Than I Could Ever Spend

I hope, you guys will agree with me, that having financial freedom is very good, right ? yes, that’s true. You may say

you can have money and not enjoying freedom. You’re the creator of freedom. Therefore, it’s how you use your money

I don’t agree with that, let me tell you why, nowadays if you don’t have enough money to enjoy, have a good life or do something that you want to do, then how can you be happy?

Yes, money is not everything, but you cannot buy anything without having money, right? that’s my opinion. i am in love with money and i believe money is in love with me too.

When you have enough money, you will avoid most problems you couldn’t avoid without having money. this is my opinion. I respect everyone’s opinion

I don’t believe, that it’s hard to achieve your goals nowadays, because there are so many opportunities to make it happens, here’s what i see in people.

Many people give up on tomorrow happiness because of today’s fun. of course this is my opinion and i believe in this.

Here are a few YouTube videos what i listen :

Thanks for sharing this

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Beautiful post!
If anyone is considering donating, the Ukrainian nation needs help.

To get the correct address, please see: