The sale of a well-known Sports Youtube Channel

Amount of subscribers: 28,000+
Amount of videos: 1,500+
Country of subscribers: UK and Europe
Topic: Sport

Description of Channel: This Darts channel is Number 1 in the world, in terms of subscribers and views, as an independent (i.e. not run by a corporation/company). The channel isn’t and cannot be monetized but money could be made via attaching patreon/gofundme/paypal links.

                                         ***PM me for the channel link!***

I have built it up to that since September 2014 and have fallen out of love of being an uploader and see it as a ‘monkey on my back’, so to speak and would like to get rid of it to move onto new projects. Also had on/off copyright notices (that were legally wrong in the first place) that has taken down a couple of dozen of my video but managed to re-upload them to an extent.

The function of my channel is to show controversial and exciting moments and incidents in the sport of Darts as well as old footage and matches that has not been seen in decades from television.

Comes with the official Twitter account and the official BitChute accounts also.

This channel is perfectly suitable for someone wanting to make a big impression in the sport of Darts, which is experiencing a boom at the moment.

He buyer assumes any and all responsibility as well as ownership of the channel.

It has 0 Community Guideline strikes, and 0 Copyright Strikes

NOTE: The price is NOT FINAL . Please feel free to make offers.

Feel free to send a personal message to me if you want the URL of the YouTube channel as well as any more information at all!!!

Can I get the link please.

Can I have the link? Please


anybody asking for biggest price and are serious in taking over a Darts youtube channel. Essentially waiting for proposals. Comes with Twitter and Bitchute accounts.

link please

I am interested in buying your channel

pm me

pm me

pm me

pm me

Link please!

Ok link please

Pm me asking price

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