Themed Comedy Property, 170k Growing Daily (now 176k)

Country of followers (majority): 53% US, 10% UK, 4% CA, 3% AU
Amount of followers: 170k (25th of May)
Topic/Niche: Drunk Jokes/Comedy
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: NOTE: This was being sold by someone i know on my behalf because i wasn’t registered yet.
6-10k likes, 200-250 comments, 24k profile visits/week, 420k impressions a week (this is low because i barely post 1 time a week) and around 7k story views (almost never post on these if not to shoutout followers). Used to have daily dms asking to buy promos until i wrote ‘i don’t do promos’ in the bio because i couldn’t care less about earning $50 to kill the engagement after 3 posts.
Audience is 53% US, 10% UK, 4% CA, 3% AU
OGE is included. I won’t go too far from the requested price so don’t bother doing unreasonable offers. I will show the @ only to ID verified Users.
Crypto HIGHLY preferred
Thank you!

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Looks like a solid account. GLWS.

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Hey. Send me @@ please

Send handle please

Interested, please shoot me a message.

verify your account and ask again

what do you mean by verify?


Send info :pray:t6:

PM handle.

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sent the handle to who asked


bumping this, acc grew 3k since i listed it and i posted once

interested - please send handle

please send handle :slight_smile:

Dm me handle pls

get id verified and ask again

Wow, why ? This is actually an unusual requirement

you may ask that to @swapd, website is not mine lol

Lol it’s not, at least for handles. However, I’m gonna stop bumping this now