There are a few things I am missing

  • show some sort of reputation on each user of how many successful trades he has done on their profile.
  • possibility to block users
  • information about what Swapd will do if you get scammed after the trade has been done, for example if someone takes back a YouTube channel.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll chime in, some of the other staff may have thoughts as well.

Reputation - I like the idea about the user reputation and it’s something we keep coming back to. For a while we were granting badges to users for successful transactions but those aren’t very prominent on the users profile so we’ve been looking for a better solution. We will continue pushing this but we do have some other development items taking higher priority.

Blocking users - Have you had an issue with a specific user? We have little tolerance for any type of harassment or unprofessional behavior. We don’t have plans for members to block other members, but if you do have a problem with someone please reach out to staff in a PM and we’ll sort it out.

Scams - Our staff does not take this lightly and we do everything in our power to prevent this from happening. If it does happen, you can count on us jumping all over it to get it sorted out. We handle each case differently (not that there have been many), and do everything possible resolve the issue. Also keep in mind, the staff here has been doing this for a long time, we have protocols on how to conduct every transfer, and we find out very quickly if there are any loopholes on a platform that can put our members at risk.

I hope that answers your questions and thanks for using Swapd!


Regarding your last point, we cannot offer warranty on pulled back accounts. If we did, what would stop people from saying they have lost it just to get their money back? We have had this happen before, we caught people on a lie. Besides, how can we cover something we have absolutely no control of? And last thing, pullbacks are very rare, mainly because of our protocols, ID verification, and the fact that we will create a s*** storm for anyone who cheats our members.