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Wondering what sells on SWAPD? What do people look most for? Here are the most popular recent search phrases on SWAPD.

IG is the king, and we can confirm that lately Instagram sales are on the rise. Verification related services are also in the top three. I am also surprised to see that TikTok is now a steady contender, always hovering in the top 5 lately. Facebook dropped out of the top 10 and it has been on a steady decline since last year. Are Fanpages slowly dying?

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I think yes fanpages are dying.

Pages gets demonetized, unpublished or newsfeed limited almost every month that has affected publishers alot.


Those who stay in the game always LOVE it and those who leave say its dead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I am sure Fanpages are still great if utilized right. However, you cannot deny the fact that over the years their usefulness has degraded. It’s not the same playing field it was 5-8 years ago. Only the most motivated will stay and keep grinding.

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agreed , i think its more easier now all you need is to understand the rules which are now mostly public. @TSL is one of them who made money here on this platform for other members.
For those who love to make easy money is out of the game as you have to work and earn from fb. and sad to say those who made easy money will always recall the Past years.
Its good for fb fan pages business many people leaving and stopping earning from Fan Pages. as there will be less competition and less competition high Earning :smiley: Less Spam Less Purge F**kery.

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Yep - I love Facebook and have always had a lot of success both for myself & for others, however recently I have found it harder when working on other pages that I don’t own. Feel like there’s an increased risk recently. I’ll still use it and still have regular clients both on and off SWAPD which are going well, but with ad breaks coming to IG, I can’t help but think how popular it’ll be for purchasing ad break enabled IG accounts soon!