° TIER 1 PRESS PACKAGE ° - 1 Spot Per Month - All The Top Publications Available For Verification & Massive Authority

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After almost 40 successful tickets on my other sales thread (Press + Verification), I’m here offering the BEST OF THE BEST Press Package for special candidates only.

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• They are all Features (not mentions or co-features)

• USA version - main domain root

• Journalist quality article included crafted around your story/content

• I will work 1-on-1 with you on finding the best editorial direction

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• Ask me the price in the DM (not negotiable, it’s a steal)

• 1 Spot per month only

Candidate must possess a cool story to tell

• Time-frame to get you vetted and the articles written and published is 3-4 weeks. Most times, 2 weeks.

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@FAME has an awesome track record on SWAPD. Over 40 PR tickets, all successful and happy clients. Also many successful verifications. Moved to Unique + marked Premium.



Vetting candidates for the next spot

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March spot available for a candidate with a strong story and career

Still available for march.


Price please?

You guys need to DM me

Please DM with more details :blush:

Please send the pricing. Thanks.

Hey there. Would like to connect on this service.

Sent pm

Hey man, can you share the price for this package on private? Thanks.

Can you send DM for details and price

Interested, would you please send a pm - details & price

interested, lmk price

How much for Forbes magazine?

Can u share the pricing for verifications and pr package for profiles and a sample also what list of names!!

DMs :eyes:

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Payment ready I need tier 1 press package right now I am cash ready pm me