Tik tok account 55k

Country of followers (majority): United States
Amount of fans/followers: 55k
Topic/Niche: none
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic

Description: empty account with 55k followers ready for next owner

Is this posting live?

@Tydawg, it is live. Make sure you bump your post once every 48 hours.

How do you bump it?

When you post in a thread, the thread is " bumped " back up to the top. Writing the word " bump " is just a way to let everyone know that you’re only doing it so that your thread is at the top, and ergo, will receive more view and/or replies.

A reply on your listing from your account is technically a bump. We do not allow users to bump their posts sooner than 48 hours of their last ‘reply/bump’.

Handle please


Limit your bumps to maximum once every 48 hours, thank you.
Edit: Oh I see that you were warned yesterday already, @Tydawg this is your final warning.

I was warned?? Didn’t get the memo


Pm handle and best offer

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Handle please

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Handle please

Handle please

@Swapd this account sold, can you close this?