Tiktok coin’s charge low rate (first on swapd)

Service type:tiktok coins charging

Hello swapd members
We can charge your tiktok funds for low rate !
Good tiktok account level required!
Each 100k tiktok coins for 800$
1 million tiktok coins for 6500$
Anyone interested contact me lets start ticket!
Account access required!
If you dont want to give access
you can open a live and we come send the ammount by gifts but tiktok fees on you!
Contact me

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This is clean coins or?


Can I redeem this coins to $ then?

Would lose money with TikTok’s cut

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Yes only you pay tiktok cuts !
And everythings else will be fine

Dear bro i want tiktok coin every day my tiktok level 35

1 million tiktok funds available!
You can take from 100k coins to 1 million

How much are 1 million coins worth money wise

Please send me its details, what will be its price and what will be your method of recharging and what will be the method of receiving payment.


1 mill coins is $5000 USD after tiktok takes their fees.