★ TikTok Service ★

:rocket: Hi! I run the entire tiktok service. Below you can get acquainted with my offer. :rocket:

:pushpin: Changing username and name of Verified TikTok account :pushpin:

Changing username and name on verified tiktok without losing badge.

:dollar: Price: $200-$250 + fess

:pushpin: Verification :pushpin:

Earn a verification badge that will give you the status of a trustworthy creator.


-Sign-up date
-Linked email
-Linked Phone
-Verified another Social Media
-PR links

:dollar: Price: Prices: starts $900 + fess

:pushpin: Claim TikTok Usernames :pushpin:

Choose the desired username you wish to claim on TikTok.

:dollar: Price: $1000 + fees

:pushpin: Unban & Unlock :pushpin:

With my help you can unban and unlock your tiktok account.

:dollar: Price:
Unbans: starts at $1000 + fees
Unlocks: starts at $700 + fees

:pushpin: Any Bypass :pushpin:

What can i do?

  • phone number/e-mail removal
  • 2FA Log-in bypass
  • Password change ‘Without OTP’

:dollar: Price: Depends on the type of service

Time frame: 1-14 days :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Please contact me privately to arrange the details :money_with_wings:

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