[TIKTOK SERVICES] ✓ TikTok Username Claims ✓ Unbans + Unlock ✓ Verification Services ✓

Hey team! :sunglasses:

I have direct support with multiple TikTok and Instagram representatives and have decided to offer this exclusive opportunity at a high success rate! :100:

Here’s what I bring to the table:

Instagram & TikTok Claim Combo: :star2:
Price: $1500 + fees (Exclusive rate for first few clients)

Instagram Username Claims: :heavy_check_mark:
Price: $850 + fees

  • 6+ letters (For Now), Can try 5+
  • No generic names (e.g. first names, cities)
  • No bought accounts
  • Must be inactive for 1+ year

TikTok Username Claims: :heavy_check_mark:
Price: Starting at $950 + fees
(price varies depending on the desired username claim & the strength of placeholder)
(you must either own the handle on Instagram, or be verified)

  • I just did my last claim in 8 minutes!

:arrows_counterclockwise: Instagram and TikTok Verified Username / Name Changes:
Price: $300 + fees
‎(change your username or name without losing your verified badge)

:unlock::heavy_check_mark: Instagram and TikTok Unbans & Unlocks:
Price: $300 - $1,000 + fees
(price varies depending on ban reason)

  • Artificial 30D/180Days
  • Copyright (Potentially)
  • Sexual / Nudity
  • Impersonation 30D/180Days
  • ToS
  • Hate speech
  • Violence
  • Review Stuck
  • Counterfeit (Potentially)
  • Selfie unban

- The best thing is all unbans (IG) are done usually within 48 hours, with a 100% success.

If you are interested, provide us with the username and a screenshot of the ban reason via DM! (for unlocks, message us directly so we can sort out and review the case!)

Send me your requests - and I’ll get straight to work. All regions accepted! :rocket:

And that’s a wrap! :v:

Additional Comments:
Further information may be required for the various services listed above such as but not limited to, the sign-up date (month & year), bound email address and phone number, etc. But, I will only solicit this information once my team and I review your case and deem it eligible to go through with the requested service! :smile:

If you want a secure service or want to know more information, PM me - let’s do some proper business! :smile:


good to see your doing expanding into tiktok services bro, best of luck :fire:

also your graphic is fire as brah :smile:

Vouch. He claimed a very generic handle for us, very smooth deal :pray:


hello, is the tik tok unban service still available?

@Georgephamm Sent you a Dm. If you can get back to us, please. Thanks!

Another successful ticket done. He claimed a generic TikTok username when no one could. Highly recommend :raised_hands:

Can you do username swap?

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