★ TikTok Services ★ Verification, Username Claim, Account Recovery and more!

Hi SWAPD members!

After having a great customer experience by providing Instagram and Facebook services, we started to offer TikTok services.

We can help with the following TikTok requests;

  • Verification
  • Account Recovery (Unlock, Hacked Account Recovery)
  • Live Stream and Account Unban
  • Username Claim/Swap
  • Verified Account Username Change
    … & more!

We may need information such as linked email or linked phone number to prove account ownership.

The success rate is over 95% and requests may take up to 3-5 business days.

If you are not eligible for verification, you can still get a verified account with your desired username in seconds. Click here to go to the other thread!


Do you need access
i have client and ig verifed for client
i want verfiy tiktok

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No access required. Check your PM!

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Multiple tickets closed.
Always available for new orders! :white_check_mark:

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He claimed an inactive TikTok username for me. It only took a few days. Best seller on SWAPD! Big vouch :heart:

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Another request completed on-site! Still taking orders.

How much for a username claim?

Just claimed another @ handle on-site! Taking new orders.

Pm pls

Still taking orders! :purple_heart:

Pls reply to messages bro