[TIKTOK SERVICES] Verifications, Unbans, Username Claims, All Byppasses! | DIAMOND CLUB MEMBER

Hi everyone!
I have been dealing with verifications on the TikTok platform for over 1.5 years. I now have the opportunity to start offering new services on this platform, so I invite you!

We approach each case individually. Just send me your specific example and I’ll be able to give you a quote and move on! These services are guaranteed in that if unsuccessful, you’re fully refunded or don’t pay.

Services include:

  • Verifications - $1,750 + fees
    (verification requires an existing PR case).
  • Unbans - $2,000 + fees
  • Unlocks - $1,200 + fees
  • Username Claims - $2000 + fees
  • Verified Accounts - $2,300 + fees
    (on your desired name / username)
  • Any Type of Bypasses - $250 - $500 + fees
    (2fa bypasses / removal services / username changes etc.)

The waiting time is very dependent on the type of service provided. From a few minutes to even a few weeks, but I will keep you informed about the whole process. All prices are negotiable!

We may need information such as last login location, linked email, etc. to prove account ownership.


If you are interested, please send a PM and I’ll let you know if we’re able to do it!
madej :100:


TAT for verification?

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usually 1 week, 2 weeks max

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@madej check dm

still doing all services,

verified one account offsite yesterday

send me your cases for claims / verifications / unbans / bypasses!

@madej is this GOAT! :goat: He claimed an username for me fast asf!

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bump bump, method is on fire! :100:

I needed to change @ and name of my VERIFIED TIKTOK ACCOUNT.
Unfortunately with the new policies no one could do that. no one except @madej of course.
Username and Name changed in 24 hrs. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :boom: :boom:

Thanks for the help and super support. super recommended!

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thank you!!

bump bump, method on fire! :100:

Vouch for @madej
Anything Tiktok he’s your guy :prince:

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bump bump, let me carry out your orders! :100: