TikTok Verification for Individuals & Brands (Any Category)

Service type: TikTok Verification for Individuals & Brands
Price: Start from $2K + Swapd fees


I can help you verified on TikTok
This verification is available to ANY NICHE, personal or business. ANY COUNTRY.

These services are guaranteed in that if unsuccessful, you’re fully refunded or don’t pay.


  • Account must be active
  • Must have at least 6 videos must have been posted
  • Need 6 to 10 editorial news stories from reliable/authority websites.
  • Verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, will increase your chances.
  • Having a page on Wikipedia will increase your chances.

In order to process the application submission, more details are required. But I won’t ask for this until I’ve taken the time to check your profile.

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