TikTok Verification for your Invidual or Business account | [$750]

TikTok Verification service for your invidual or business acount

Hello! :))
I would like to offer you a service which will make your TikTok account verified.
It works for both invidual and business accounts such as musicians, creators, athletes, public figures and more.

Service which I provide is safe. I won’t charge you if I can’t for some reason complete verification which means you won’t lose any money.

Price: starts from $750 + fees

TAT: 3-10 days
(the better PR articles you have the faster it can be done)


  • Verified Social Media Account/s (YouTube/Instagram),
  • 5+ non-sponsored PR articles in good authority sites (Wikipedia page would be also perfect to increase chances),
  • Linked e-mail,
  • Informations about your account (sign up date, creation location, linked phone, linked social media accounts)

Additional details may be required to proceed with the application submission. I will only ask you for this information once I begin verifying your profile.

DM me for more information :mailbox:
I’ll answer as soon as possible.
Miesko :v: