TikTok Verification | I can also change Username and/or Name | Promo for the first client

Service type: TikTok account verification

I will verify your TikTok account and (If you will want to) change your Username and/or Name without losing a badge for lower price than usual!

What will I need?:

  • You must have around 6-8 articles on relevant websites (I’ll check if they qualify).
  • You must have at least one verified, connected profile on another social media platform. Works best with Instagram.
  • 2FA must be enabled.
  • I will also need information about your account such as: Sign-up date (month and year), Registered or recent login location (city and country), linked phone number, linked email address, linked social media account, etc.

Price: $700 + fees

After verification, I can also change the username and/or name for an additional $50.

The usual timeframe is about 7 days. I’ll be in constant contact with you, keeping you updated throughout the service delivery. :innocent:

Promo :
For my first client , the service costs 50% of the regular price. I’m new here and want to make a good impression.

DM me if you’re interested!

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