Tiktok Verification [Public Figures Only]

The Best TikTok Verification Service For Public Figures

Do you want to get the elusive blue check mark on your profile? ✓

Then you’re in the right place as we can badge entrepeneurs, musicians, and content creators.

Please READ EVERYTHING here before messaging me!

Tiktok is currently one of the most difficult platforms to get verified. You will need tier 1 press and it must be organic. Being verified on other platforms does not guarantee you a badge.

The price for this is $2.5k+fees, and this is non-negotiable. (If you ask for a lower price, I will ignore you)

No prepayment is required as long as you have feedback on swapd.

TAT is 30 days or less.

Most applications take under 2 weeks, but the longest one I’ve had took 23 days before being successfully badged.

Requirements For Public Figure Verification:

  1. Strong Profile with Custom Content. Do NOT message me asking to verify blank profiles or profiles with under 20 posts. I typically do not submit profiles under 5,000 followers.

  2. Multiple verified socials - You will need a minimum of 2 social profiles badged like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Youtube verification does not count. The best clients will be badged everywhere.

  3. Tier 1 Organic Press. This is incredibly important. No sponsored tags or disclaimers. Press ideally needs to be within 6 months but not a deal breaker. Minimum is 5 strong press links.

Below, I have provided an example of a public figure we badged yesterday who is a real estate investor to better help you understand the very strict requirements for TikTok verification.

Client Example

Social Profiles:
Tiktok - 5k followers with 50+ posts
Instagram (verified)
Facebook (verified)
Twitter (verified)

Client Press (Working):

NY Post
US Weekly
Daily Mail

Examples of Blacklisted Entrepreneur Press:

Net News Legder
Bangkok Post
Thrive Global
Mercury News
Daily Caller
Khaleej Times
Disrupt Magazine
Village Voice
Vents Mag
LA Weekly
Haute Living

Do not message me with paid Enrepreneur press packages unless you have additional tier 1 press (it doesn’t work).

Examples of Blacklisted Musician Press:

The Source
Cali Post
Vault Miami
Loading Mag
Vents Magazine
Rebuttal Mag
Bootleg Mag
Complex HipHop
Cactus Magazine
Pulse HipHop

Do not message me with paid Musician press packages unless you have additional tier 1 musician press (it doesn’t work).

Tiktok is one of the most difficult platforms to get badged on now as a public figure, and they know about all the press packages used for verification. Tier 1, organic press is 100% required and there’s no way around this.

Looking forward to doing business with all of you! :slight_smile:


Can the Forbes GOAT also verify OF models on TikTok?

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I can submit for them, but their content must follow guidelines and they must have tier1 press!

Shoot me the press + socials for your client and I’ll let you know if we can submit.

No prepayment required!

local press? Not paid, on Facebook system they are considered notable

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Hey are you able to unlock locked tiktok accounts through support?

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@onlyverifications send me press + socials and I’ll lyk

@zxprmedia i can not help with this only verifications.

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I sent you a PM with my case! Thank you.

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Badged @Ayvak’s profile onsite today

Badged a UK client off site with the following


Twitter ( Verified )
Facebook ( Verified )
Instagram (Verified)
Google Knowledge Panel


2 x Daily Mail Articles
The Star
SW Londoner
2 x Birmingham Mail Articles
Warrington Guardian
Entrepreneur Author Profile
Entrepreneur USA Article
BMM Magazine
Tech Times
USA Today
Disrupt Magazine
Kivo Daily
American Reporter
BigTime Daily
TriCity Daily
London Daily Post
America Daily Post
IB Times Signapore
California Herald
Seekers Time
BO Herald
Bucks Free Press
Plymouth Herald
Express and Star
Kidder Minister Shuttle
Yorkshire Post

HMU to badge your tiktok!

I have nyweekly. Teach time and other will that one works ?

No unfortunately NY Weekly and Tech Times are not enough.

You need minimum of one social verified (ideally 2 or more) and minimum of 3-5 tier 1 press links like Forbes US, Entrepreneur US, Daily Mail, New York Post, US Weekly (non sponsored).

All links must be non sponsored / no disclaimers / no brand partner content / ect.

Cheap, paid press does not work.

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