★ TikTok VERIFICATION Service ★

This service is for verifying TikTok accounts. I’ll only help with the accounts specified.

It’s a simple process. You provide the needed information, and I submit the request. It typically takes 0–7 business days, often less than 3. But keep in mind that, just like the unpredictable high seas, there could be delays due to limited reviewers at TikTok.

Required info:

  1. Account category

  2. Username/Handle

  3. Legal Name (Individual or Organization)

  4. Ac

count operator’s full name

  1. Operator’s Email

  2. Birthdate, if individual

  3. Links: official website, verified social media accounts, news sources

DM me in this order.

The service cost varies: minimum $1000, maximum $3000. Not negotiable. I use a media portal, hence the price. Off-topic messages will be ignored.Ready to start? DM me!

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Check pm

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Hey, you still providing this service?


yes pm me details

Need details


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