TikTok Verifications + Username Claims [EMPLOYEE SUBMISSION]

Over the past month, we’ve been submitting a lot of TikTok accounts for the verification badge via emailing a rep (i.e. employee). I’ve seen people charge $1500 - $2,000+ for this service which I’m offering at ONLY $949 so you all can mark up & resell


  1. Verification on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube. If you’re verified, this is basically a 100% done deal and TikTok will verify your account no matter how many posts or followers you’ve had. We’ve gotten TikTok accounts verified with as little as 3 followers haha.

If you are NOT verified, then this is what we will NEED

  1. 5-7+ press links MINIMUM. The minimum number of links on the form is two, but we have never verified a profile with under 5 links. 5-7 articles are the minimum, but 10+ highly improves your chances. No I will not accept low quality, free websites to publish like famousbirthdays or medium.

  2. CLEAN, PROFESSIONAL profile with a good number of posts 20+. The posts must also have likes, views, and comments. You’ll also need around 20,000+ followers as the minimum. Accounts with 50,000 or 100,000 followers have much higher success rates when submitting.

:alarm_clock: DELIVERY TIME :alarm_clock:

Delivery time is roughly 3-7 days. I’ve had some submissions go through in as fast as 3 hours. I’ve also had requests take as long as 11 days. It mainly depends on how much volume is being submitted to TikTok and it varies on the request.

:name_badge: TikTok Username Claim Service :name_badge:

  • Pricing varies depending on @
  • Please reach out with the @username you would like. We will charge more for Generic or short @.
  • We will need to see your placeholder and we can not claim to freshies.

IMPORTANT: Handle must be at least 2 years inactive.

Some generic or short usernames like first names will require verification badge prior to being able to claim the handle. We’ve had user claims denied prior to verificationand resubmitted once verified and then the username claim is successful.

If you’d like to move forward or have any questions, please comment below and send me a PM

Cost is $949+ Swapd fees. Pay only if successful.

Accepted forms of payment via Swapd Checkout

  • Bank Wire
  • Transferwise
  • BTC

Please shoot me a PM with any questions!


Seen him done some successful verifications keep going. :clap:t4:

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Today we badged this account from offsite client. TikTok approved it in less than 24 hrs :sunglasses:

Thanks for the vouch Pitbull!

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FOR THE 1ST PERSON, who has already verified twitter, Facebook, or instagram, I will provide verification at $500 + swapd fees.

I really want my 1st successful sale on here! Let’s make this happen!

I’m happy to report that @charizard successfully delivered verification within 24 hours of order placement!

He’s the real deal, and was a pleasure to work with. Extremely friendly, quick to respond, and knows what he’s doing.


Thanks @heric!

Pleasure doing business with you!

UPDATE: I can also successfully badge Businesses & not only personal influencers

I’m one of the few sellers here who can :slight_smile:

@charizard is the goat. Username claim was a success. Fast, responsive, and easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Hi someone is selling me a short tiktok (the same one i own on instagram). And we dont want to trade right now because he doesnt have OGE and he is nervous to handswap it. Would you help us facilitate it safely/would they?

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Tiktok will not assist me in the user transfer for your account unfortunately.

If you needed to claim an inactive handle that is something I can help with :slight_smile:

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Interested , just dmed

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I’m interested. Just DM you.

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