Times Square NYC Billboard Placement ( Offer price )

Service type: TImes Square Billboard
Price: $750 for a week


  • This offer won’t be for long *
    Times Square billboard for sale at the moment
    $750 for 1 week
    :white_check_mark: 10 seconds play each time
    :white_check_mark: 5/6 times per hour
    :white_check_mark: Photo and video will be sent after the ad is up

If interested please send image(s) only !
Regarding graphics and editing, our team takes care of all that. All I need from you is image and payment.

Payment accepted in BTC, ETH, USDT
Swapd fees are on me.


Does the ad play 24 hours? 5 times per hour? For 1 week straight?


Yes correct

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Don’t miss out :scream:

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Where exactly in Times square ?

Heart of times Square 45th and Bway

Is video allow? If purchased. I will be there in person for proof.

I will be providing photo and video. If you want to be there to see yourself, of course you can

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Can it be a spotify banner ?

Which board you have available? I do not want a forever 21 board since it will block the view. Pm me.

Also does board allow gif or video? If not do you have other board around that area that can be a video? I usually work in a gif or video format.

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