TopTier Twitter Growth slot for NFT project (TOP USA !)

Hello Swapd users,

Toptier Twitter Growth Slot

2,000 Followers boost of TOPTIER NFT GROWTH

Growth from extensive network of NFT pages, get your project promoted by toptier audiences . Get you project boosted by TOPTIER audiences, This quality of audience has a higher % to minter as you compare it to the mass guaranteed growth for twitter

If you are looking to grow your twitter page TOPTIER audiences this is your opportunity. I offer a growth slot for twitter. In the past, I have worked with different NFT projects in the pas

How are followers been delivered?
The followers will be delivered through tweets on a top USA network. All those pages wil RT the organized tweet. We will repeat this game for a week.

All the audience i deliver are TOPTIER NFT targeted

Disclaimer: Cant promise any engagement rate

(Pm me for custom bulk orders) Normal Slot is 2k weekly for with this services

Payment : Crypto + Swapd fees

If you got any questions send me a pm.

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PM me the pages you will use to promote. Highly interested.

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Send info

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How many followers can be legitimate followers can be expected from this?

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Guaranteed 2k

Send me info

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Taking orders🚀

Get WL members into your project :rocket: