Trending "Dalgona Coffee" Domain, (

In March, Dalgona coffee (also referred to as “whipped coffee”) began trending on TikTok and social media.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Google Dalgona coffee and you’ll see countless articles published over the past week from CNet, Insider, Bon Appetit, Insider, Eater, and other magazines.

A quick search on Google Trends or Exploding Topics will show its explosive growth.

Here’s a link:

Needless to say, the growth of this term has been explosive, and I would not be surprised to see coffee chains advertising their own Dalgona coffee when quarantines finally cease. I have available, and am entertaining all offers. PM me if you have any questions.

@RandyMarsh I don’t see why this wouldn’t be considered a premium domain.

I was looking at your own offerings on Premium Domains for Wholesale Price Such As:, and only a few of them could/should be considered premium, if that. I have no problem keeping this in the normal World Wide Web category, but I’d appreciate some consistency.

Hi Heric, You are right, Only a few of the domains on that topic are considered premium. that topic was also created before the new category was created.

Anyway, I don’t know why it’s on premium, I’ve changed it. I want to keep that category with high-quality names.

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Fair enough! Thank you for the reply. GLWS!

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