TV Segment on Bloomberg, Fox Business & Newsmax | Cryptos & NFTs Accepted | Perfect for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Have your own 5-7 minute segment on Bloomberg, Fox Business & Newsmax, talking about your own business or yourself.

Filming is possible at the Nasdaq Marketsite in Times Square or at the NYSE or online via Zoom.

What I’ll need from you:
5-7 questions that my anchor should ask you and a few talking points.

After we start a ticket, I’ll schedule an interview with you or your client if you’re reselling. Airing dates will be communicated as well.

The show is 13 years old and over 400 episodes have been aired, with each show featuring around 5-8 companies. It reaches over 300,000,000 households combined.

$33,000 including Swapd fees.


What timings does this air? Most people selling it air these at 3am-4am at night. Is this like this as well?

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Still working?


if u do have a $12-15k optionl, im in

would love more info on air times

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