Twitter Followers Growth Package deals ( 60% less than regular price )

Wanna grow your Twitter followers with real people but have limited budget ?
I have the service you need !
Twitter followers growth by giveaways⚡

Package Deal 1 :
Followers : 14k - 15k
Per slot : $200 only :exploding_head:
Regular price for 15k followers is $450
Time - 2 days

Package Deal 2 :
Followers : 23k - 25k
Per slot : $350 only :exploding_head:
Regular price for 25k followers is $750
Time - 7 days

Package Deal 3:
Followers : 30k+
Per slot : $600 only :exploding_head:
Regular price for 30k+ followers is $900++
Time - 10 days

Note :

  1. 4 Slots per giveaway
  2. You can take one or multiple slots
  3. When you buy 1 slot , other slots will be given to other customers. I usually find them within 24 hours
  4. Cannot change username or lock account during the giveaway

For regular promotion , go to :

Payment in crypto
SWAPD fees included in price


Do you have an example of followers you have?

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Yes. Sent pm please check

DM me

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Sent pm

What type of followers? Do they drop?

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Sent pm

Real followers?

What’s your historically drop rate?

Who does the giveaway? And what is given away?


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Yes real followers

Low drop rate. Depends on your content tbh

$ giveaways done by giveaway hosts on twitter


Dm me with more details please. Thank you.

Sent pm

Hello I am interested in package 1 is it available?

Yes available

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Can you please send me an example how the follower look likes? I am interested in deal 3.

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Sent pm