Twitter Gold Accounts [BASIC & ADMIN]


Twitter Gold Accounts Store

I verify these accounts every day, so there will definitely be something for you. Just DM me and I’ll send you a list of them!

10+ accounts delivered this month!

  • Basic and Admin
  • OGE is always included
  • Aged & Secure


  • $6,500 + fees (gold basic)
  • $13,000 + fees (gold admin)

TAT: 24H :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Some of my accounts



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Price is high but GLWS! :fire:

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thanks! :pray:

you can sign up for twitter premium organizations for like a few hundred for basic and 1k for premium. Why would anyone have a need for this?

some projects do not meet the requirements for the gold badge, but still want it, so they buy pre verified accounts