Twitter Recovery, Unlock, Un-restrictions & more | Cheapest Price on Swapd | Guaranteed

Service type: Service for recovery, unlocking and more

HELLO, esteemed members of the SWAPD family and our esteemed guests who will just join us.
I would like to offer you our comprehensive service for Twitter.
Since I had a good success rate with off-site transactions, I thought it was time to offer these services through SWAPD.

Top Twitter services :

  • Unsuspend

  • Unlock (100% success rate for unlock if it through the requirements)

  • Un-restrictions (Can’t receive code etc.)

  • Twitter age

  • Two factor (2FA) authentication

  • Reviewing CASE number (Suspended-Lock etc.)

and for other issues please send PM.

Price: Starting $500+

Turnaround time: Within 15 days but usually within a few days

In all my services, I inform the buyer about the process.
Funds will be refunded if the service I have provided fails.


Is this legit? Are you pretending toj ournalist?


Totally legal if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t need a verified Instagram or Spotify account from the buyer.

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Is it using journalist approach? I assume using form too?


Of course no. As I mentioned in the thread, I get a blue badge depending on what your niche is. For the person with the musician niche, I get the blue badge along with the proof of being a musician.

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Ok il buy, lets do a ticket

We’ve unlisted your topic!

We’ve unlisted your topic, as your service is not insured. Any service that will require access to clients accounts or inboxes needs to make a fully refundable insurance deposit to SWAPD before they can provide their services.

For more information, please read here:

Feel free to PM me or any other admin if you have any questions.

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User insured.


Send me info
I will glad to get verified for page nft I wanna make

Pm me, interested!

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Is just facebook verification enough?

PM’d you

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Sent dm

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Willing to pay for suspended Twitter account recovery

Interested, pm me

Following to see one is successfully done.

Someone tested ?

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I have reached the number of slots I set for this month. We started a ticket with 6 swapd members.
Next month my slots will be renewed.