Twitter RT / Management service for OF models

Service type: RT service / Management service.
Price: Starts 225$ weekly

Description: Twitter Retweet Drops in 150k+ groups for your model pages.

300/360 RTs/Day - 225$ weekly
675/750 RTs/Day - 325$ weekly
1000/1100 RTs/Day - 450$ weekly

When you purchase this we will tell you how many times you have to posts, How to improve the conversions and how often you have to rotate with pinned post and more !

We also have to complete management package from A-Z where will take over your twitter account or start one for you. where we will implement all those service and we will post / doing pinned posts doing drops and everything for 1500$ monthly. Atleast you wil gain 20k followers.

For any question PM @Umyoung


I am interested please dm

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I would like more information on this please.