Twitter Unban Service

Service type: Recovery of banned/suspended Twitter account.

Start from $1.5k depends on the number of followers, reason of band, handle, and others.

if the reason for the suspension was copyright or Counterfeit goods it will start from $2.5k

Bitcoin/ Bank Wire.


I can unban most types of Twitter bans.

I have successfully Unbanned many accounts offsite and on-site

Time Duration:

1 Day - 90 Days or more, depends on ban reason.

Required Info:

  • No access needs only a username and a screenshot of the account before banded if available.
  • Fill the form at the ends of this thread

Terms of Services:

  • I shall be the only one unbanning your account, if your account unbanded during the ticket time you have to pay.

  • I will not responsible for what happens after unbanning, especially that i don’t have any access to your account.

  • This is ONE time unban service that’s mean: if your account banned again and you want to recover it again this will be a new service and you have to pay it again.

  • Due to confidentiality reasons and because we use special methods, no proof will be provided, the only proof is that your account is unbanned.

The Form:

Please PM with this form :

Please send username @
Then answer these questions:

  1. What is the reason for the suspension?

  2. How many followers are there in your account?

  3. When did the account suspend?

  4. What was the account content previously?

  5. Has the account been suspended previously?

  6. Did you try to recover it?

  7. If a request was previously done, what is the response that you got?

Please fill out the form completely for me to assist you.


You should offer this to Trump :man_shrugging::joy:


Sent you a pm. If you can do this. Will pay a little extra to you

@ii2hmed offer to #trump :joy::joy::joy:

I need unban for @realDonaldTrump


first unbanned account on-site/first successful ticket .

taking new orders.


Now I can unban copyright reason.

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can take more orders now .

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Now, I can unban your account for any suspension reason.

Can do more orders now , PM with the form .

Taking more orders!

4 successful tickets in site.
Pm me with the form

I can take one more order now.
Who want this?

If you have copyright suspended account i can unban it now within a week.

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I have a 88M follower twitter account which was ban can you unban i can pay 10000$🙄


So funny bro keep going.


Wil pm

I can take 2 more orders.
PM me with the form please


Why would he need to provide a vouch copy when he has multiple successful tickets


Just finished a ticket .
I can take more orders

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