Twitter Verification Requirements

I wanted to give a try to the Twitter Verification Form that is found in the settings

This is the notice that comes up

You aren’t eligible for verification in this category.

You have not met the minimum follower or mention threshold for your region that is required to be verified as an activist or influential individual. Learn more

Do you guys know what’s the min follower amount ?


2 million

Is this a joke ? Ahaha

It should be 1k followers

I bough 1200 followers just to try and still gives me that error

I’m very curious about the requirements. I got the same follower message on all accounts.

One has 3k the other had 12k and the final had 48k respectively so :woman_shrugging:

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Weird indeed

a Twitter spokesperson told him: “For an account to be eligible based on follower count, it must be in the top .05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region. For the UK and US this represents just under 100k followers.”

From Activists need almost 100,000 followers to meet verification eligibility, Twitter confirms – Liam O'Dell

250k is the number.
We tried with an 150k page it didn’t worked.
However in July I got my own handle verified when they just launched the verification however that method doesn’t works as they updated the form.
I have 600 followers I applied in a different Category

So 250k and they review it? Or is it guaranteed?

Obviously they review

The profile must be active and should have good engagement

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