Twitter/X Contact For Submitting Username Requests

Hey everyone!

I’ll provide the direct contact information for those interested in inquiring about and submitting username requests for your Twitter/X accounts.

With this contact information, it will allow you to submit username requests for your own accounts.

This is useful for any business account wanting to claim their username or if you simply want to inquire about an username directly from the Twitter/X team.

Keep in mind that username requests are not free and X will charge you for them. Price depends on the handle you request.

You can also use this contact for safe internal handle swaps if you own both handles. For example, swapping an OG handle safely to another account.

Limited to only the first 5 buyers. Come get it today!

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee that the usernames you request will be available. Some may be active and can’t be released. This is primarily contact information so that you can request them.

:moneybag: Pricing

  • $3K exclusive SWAPD Fees. Payment in USDT (ERC-20 & TRC-20), USDC, Credit Card, Bank Transfer

Interested but every “contact” i have got on here never pans out. I think the fee is high for a contact who might not respond to your request respectfully.

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Can you provide a screenshot in pm of the conversation back and forth with this “contact”
Thank you

Happy to keep the ticket open with no prepayment till you get a reply which won’t take long. Usual responds time is within 1 - 2 business days :grin: @Igplug

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Additional transparency is needed here. X no longer does free name changes. There’s also very specific requirements you and the account must meet in order to get a price from them. You also can’t request on behalf of others, etc.


Updated the post :grin:

Can vouch off site :saluting_face:

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With this contact, you can request the username yourself. Both usernames are active, so no @gateway

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