UK Based Sports Ecommerce Business - $200k in sales

Hi everyone,

I’m unsure if I will find a suitable buyer on Swapd for this due to it being such a niche business but here goes.

Price: Currently taking offers.

For sale is my Field Hockey ecommerce business which I have built from scratch since December 2020. Field hockey is a sport with a lot of passionate players, but is slightly more niche than other sports - so ideally the buyer of this would have some interest in the sport, or a great track record in ecommerce. (Please PM for the brand name due to privacy)

Revenue to date: $200,000 in sales since Dec 2020. This has been done purely via organic social media marketing (mostly Instagram & TikTok). We have not used any paid ads!!

Profit figures on this sitting at around $50,000 due to a lot of reinvestment into the brand and new products.

All time statistics


  • Currently run by 3 people (all part time). 2 handling marketing/customer service. The other is fulfillment. All stock currently fulfilled by us in house in the UK. If someone were to purchase the business, they could either use a 3PL or have stock shipped over to them and do in house.

  • Main base in the UK but shipping worldwide. Also have an agreement in place for a distributor in South Africa which is going well.

  • All sales come from organic social media marketing.

What’s included in the sale

  • Our full shopify ecommerce website, including all international domains ( / .com / .za / .nl)

  • £25,000 worth of current stock ($29,500 USD) + £10,000 worth of stock currently in production that’s already paid for.

  • Trademarks for our brand registered in the UK

  • All social media page (including a verified 85k TikTok & 26k Instagram. FB & Pinterest also included but are smaller)

  • Factory and supplier contacts will be passed over to ensure you can continue to run everything smoothly.

  • New product designs for future releases will also be included in the sale.

More than happy to discuss with any interested parties and share full details, financial breakdowns etc.

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Hey, might be interested for this , please send me a message

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Happy to explore. Habe some experience in the space.

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