[Unable to Verify]HOT SALE: Website plus 1.2 million facebook fan page


Hello folks am selling a viral website with a 1.2m facebook fan page. Much of fan base is from India totaling about 1,034,326 as am writing this. I post in Asian time zone that’s why much of the fan base is from India, Website is built on WordPress theme. I invite any interested buyer out there to shot me a PM. for screen shots and any questions

Happy Deal


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Yes thank you Shaun


Whats yout asking price?


Hello reserve price is $5500. Thank you


How about $1,000? 5500 is very high for a product i dont know about


Dear cp1999;
Thanks for the offer, however the sale includes a viral website plus a facebook fan page with 1.1 million likes.
I’m sorry $1000 is way too low for an established business like this one.


How much would just the Facebook cost?
Also can you send the handle


Hello cpb1999, I PMed you.


I am expecting at least $5 per 1000 likes


they dont really have a lot of shares or interactions


As you can read… My plan was to complete 1 to 2m likes then start monetizing, because in low amount of traffic there is not much revenue and fixed cost of website will occur,
Now I set up my page so I will get easily 4-7k clicks per link and if we post 10 links in a day then we get easily 40-100k clicks.
Now I need some funds for my retail business so selling this page and website.
I tried to monetise in June as a testing in which I gave traffic to viral network in which I made around $300 in just 5 days…
You can easily generate good revenue because page is active and growing by Day.
Revenue and its value will increase day by day as page audience grow.
I just launched this page in January.


How we go in as partners… i can do the work and give you a % of the money


What do you mean?


I can help run the account and generate traffic and we can split the profits… takes less stress off of you


I need funds for my retail business, so am only interested in selling.
I can give you page + website baefeelings.com My reserve price is $4500