Unique 3 letter domain for sale

Domain name: css.do
Website included?: No website included
Price: $950 OBO

One of a kind domain name fo the website development industry, the name shouts out " Do Cascade Style Sheet", it could be the awesome home of a @css.do email service, bet everyone in the development or online systems design would love a free @css.do email, what about a CSS online academy or MOOC? open to any other creative name as well. Don’t let it get away of your hands, could be worth thousands in near future.

Very Short: short domains are more memorable
Highly Searched: css receives over 450,000 searches per month on Google®
Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $1 per click to advertise under css

Exact Searches
Keyword [css]
Monthly Searches 450,000
Cost per Click $1.04

Broad Searches
Keyword css
Monthly Searches 24,900,000
Cost per Click $1.65

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