Unique Mr. PayPal Fan Site (or Foe) Domain Name MrPayPal.com $3k USD OBO or Trade. Payment type accepted BTC

Domain name: MrPayPal.com

Website included?: NO

Price: $3k USD OBO and am Willing to entertain Trade Offers.

Description: Domain Name only, transfer via Godaddy.

Payment types Accepted: BTC using Swapd Checkout Ticket.

ATTENTION: If you don’t like my price or the domain name? Please just move on to the next thread without being a Jerk. Thanks in advance! (This statement is not meant for everyone reading here, it is meant for a select few of hypocritical VIPs who have handles listed for months that haven’t sold, but have the audacity to tell someone else their stuff is overpriced. For the sheer purpose of trying to discourage or intimidate new sellers here. I’m not a fan of blatant hypocrisy or bullies!)

Afaik, Swapd doesn’t support these sh*tcoin

You’re asking for too much for a trademark word! PayPal™ can send cease and desist order anytime soon

-Professional jerk

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ok didn’t know about bch or eth, thanks!

That’s why I listed it as a fan or foe site. You know like http://paypalsucks.com/

Thanks for the advice though!

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Sorry for slightly rude reply! I get slightly triggered when someone behaves rudely to other peoples.

Still it’s not an excuse for me behaving as a jerk. Sorry again.

Can I proceed by deleting my comment?

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Go ahead no worries, but in my defense? I was attacked earlier in another thread, that was just a preemptive strike to stop the same thing from happening, it was not meant for you. But yes please go ahead and delete or edit whatever you’d like. I’m not getting upset today regardless of what happens :slight_smile: Have a good one!

P.S. I truly did appreciate the “heads up” on the crypto, had no idea they didn’t accept those. I edited the other listings as well.

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You weren’t attacked! It was just a conversation like on this thread.

Since it’s not an issue for you, I will leave it unedited as a part of discussion.

I believe that, It was slightly unprofessional from your side to do sales bashing on Instagram gigs of 19-20 year old kids (no disrespect tho, age is just a number and these 19-20 years old are 100x skilled than me in growing social media assets)

That’s stoic philosophy and pretty damn cool of you.

Welcome :slight_smile:
Another suggestion: Go to Settings> Preference> Title> Verified Identity

This will let other member know that you’re verified on Swapd and it will help in closing more deals, I’m new here but still getting inquires for $x,xxx

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Settings on the thread or in my profile?

Are you talking about what I have circled or something else. Sorry I’m still kind of new here, only closed two deals as a buyer, so still learning. Thanks for your help. Truly appreciated!

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For some reason I don’t see a “title” link when i go to preferences. I did send them my ID though, they have my identification.

But on the other issue about me being “unprofessional”, you are 100% correct, but that was only in retaliation to this thread last night AUCTION format Starting Bid 1 BTC - 2 character one word domain name AT.wtf PLUS Bonus Twitter Handle Contributor Access OG HANDLE

If you have handles sitting on SWAPD since January that still haven’t sold? You shouldn’t be able to bash anyone elses price IMO…lol So yes I did lose my cool, but first thing was they didn’t even understand what the auction was for ENTIRELY, and second all 3 of those “VIPs” have handles sitting here for months that STILL HAVEN’T SOLD. My thread was literally 1 Hour old and they were saying “I WAS OVERPRICED” lol That was infuriating to me! So I retaliated even though I shouldn’t have. I actually just found a “block user” area though looking for the “title” area I couldn’t find. So I’ll just block from here on out. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help. I’ll keep looking for that TITLE area later tonight.

So for example… If the initial “VIP” would have just PM’ed me and said something like “Hey man in my experience that domain name is overpriced based on sales I have seen here” or something like that? I would have replied with “Thanks for the info, if I don’t get any bids in the next 7 days I’m sure I’ll be lowering it!” For sure that would have been my response. But he attacked the price PUBLICLY, and right on queue his boys chimed in. That was not a normal thing, that was THEM as a COLLECTIVE trying to discourage me from selling on Swapd. AND IT WORKED, I actually deleted all the sales threads until I actually thought about everything that transpired and then looked at each of their threads. I know with 99.9% CERTAINTY they are all friends and they do this to a lot of new Sellers. I get it, they don’t want me taking funds from a possible buyer in the next 7 days while they have overpriced IG handles siting here for months, I get it! But it’s still WRONG! So I called them ALL out on it! For sure they are all working together in some form or another. I agree with you I’m ALL FOR TRANSPARENCY, and want possible NEW Sellers here to see this, so they know what is really going on when these so called “VIPs” come bashing their threads. If your handles have been listed for MONTHS? They’re OVERPRICED for FACT! Not a 1 Hour thread that wasn’t even able to be seen because of initial bashing. I would NEVER DO THAT to someones brand new thread, ever! And it shouldn’t be done to anyone else’s either IMO.


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