UNLIMITED ZoomInfo Leads (Global)

Type of leads: Any B2B leads
Price: USD 2500 / year


It’s no secret that ZoomInfo has the highest quality lead data in the world. It’s also no secret how expensive their account subscriptions are, starting at USD 15,000 yearly for limited credits.

I have a rather large ZoomInfo account with an asinine amount of credits costing a fortune per year.

Now for US$2500 per year, you (or your clients) can get unlimited ZoomInfo access through my account. You will have access to a portal where they can make requests and will receive reports in up to 24-48h. This is far more accessible than the typical ZoomInfo pricing.

Want to join as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, you will be paid a percentage of the payment received from the client you bring.

The first 20 affiliates to sign up will earn 20% in affiliate fees, or $500 for each signed client. All other affiliates will earn 15% in commissions.

Please comment below or direct message me if you’d like to join as an affiliate, or if you’re interested in the service for your own benefit.



great service GLWS

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