Use this one simple trick to close more deals on SWAPD!


It’s called etiquette. We’re starting to notice too much of internet slang within personal messages, topics, and tickets. Terms such as “bro” to refer to someone aren’t the most polite way to address an individual. SWAPD is a place of business, and we please ask our members to act professionally. Not only this will improve your relationship with other members, but it will also help you get more sales. Many of our users are high ranking members in the social media world. We’re talking respectable business owners, CEO’s, and marketing legends. Most of these individuals will not work with people who do not respect them, and you show respect by acting professionally.

Good etiquette will help you get more sales!

Use these following tips, and I guarantee you that you will close more deals:

  • When posting a listing, use informative subject lines. “IG acct” isn’t a good topic title, but “Instagram Account - 121k likes - Members from the US - Food niche” is. The more keywords you have in your title, the more people will view your topic, as a lot of our members use our search bar, and without keywords, your listing won’t show.
  • Be clear and concise in your description. If your property has hidden flaws, be honest. They will come out during an audit at checkout anyway. Why waste everyone’s time? SWAPD audits all properties at checkout, so please be honest in your descriptions. Members get angry after a while for being misled and leave the site, thus hurting the community.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation. This should be a given. The way you write is the way people will portray you. If your messages are incoherent, people will be hesitant to work with you.
  • Be respectful. This is the biggest problem we see. Buyers/sellers are being very pushy sometimes, not only to other members but also to staff. No one is forced to buy/sell from you, so please, don’t ever push anyone into a transaction.

To recap, if you want to be a successful member here, please act professionally.