Use this URL to share our link on Facebook! [LOL - Banned again]


@mediaboy Bro you are stupid asf, 1 report from a random member doesn’t do ■■■■. It’s clearly a site issue.


We want to go private, but it will kill growth for now and make the website die. Going private means SWAPD is a household name where everyone knows to use. Otherwise, it will be suicide.


Just go private for topics like this… not any listings…


Please tone down on the hostility. @MediaBoy was suggesting that it’s a Facebook insider, not someone reporting it.


Problem is that it’s the topics that bring in 90% of organic traffic. Listings do not get any SEO juice whatsoever as they’re all the same.


Ohh my bad, that’s highly impossible.

FB has the worst customer service and i doubt they’d have people spying on SWAPD :joy::joy:


Even if a topic like this was put on private, it wouldn’t do anything. Only allowing members to view it still offers the possibility that a member is a Facebook insider that will then proceed to ban the URL, and only sharing it to Premium/VIP members is next to useless, as we want all the members to know that they can use this URL on Facebook without it being blocked.


Customer service has nothing to do with their IP department, which is basically created to roam around the net to protect their interest.


Sadly yes… I came in swapd only through a public topic … But particularly this topic is a charm … Ppl including me wants to use the link of swapd in fb… On any way it won’t count for a seo. Atleast make this one as private…


What I meant was… if it’s an insider job, then even property listed here are in danger as premium members can see it…


True, hence the monthly payment required to be Premium; to deter anyone from doing so.

Nonetheless, its still safer than any other big-name site out there that publicly displays handles/URLs to everyone.


What i pitty iz… i buy pages directly from fb groups and fb doesn’t give a ■■■■ about it :expressionless:… doing hard here in swapd…


Not only that, you need to be level two before you can even buy it, which sometimes takes weeks/months to achieve.


Finally got a chance to try it out



Yeah I gave up. Fb bans us right away.


did you try with javascript redirect? crawlers cant really execute it well, so if its automatic they wont be able to see its linking to swapd


I tried it with my own shortener script and it got my domain banned too so javascript redirect wont work either just saying :slight_smile:


Wow, they really must hate us LOL

Maybe that works xD


Even if you have a backlink anywhere on your new site/domain, Facebook will scan the content and ban you. How shitty is that. We tried javascript redirect too :frowning: