Use this URL to share our link on Facebook! [LOL - Banned again]

UPDATE: 31.12.2018 - Our new site was banned again. This post is no longer valid.

Some of our users (@toms + @Hussey) have suggested that we devise a way to share our website on Facebook. If you didn’t know, is banned from sharing on Facebook (and Instagram). We also managed to get the .org banned. Anyway, if you would like to invite your Facebook friend to SWAPD, please use the following URL:

The exact URL is:

Facebook is so crafty these days that no cloakers could beat it (at least basic ones). They go as far as scanning links in the content, we believe that’s how received a ban, as when tested with the Facebook debugger we received a “This page contains blocked URL’s”. Shortly after, the .org was banned.

That is all!


I simply send them Screenshot. So simple.

Most people are lazy, though.


Extremely lazy.


I have to say, I am pretty surprised. For the month of December, is the 3rd highest source of referrals for! Which means:

  1. People really needed to share SWAPD on FB.
  2. Our tiny amount of work + money didn’t go to waste (on the domain/website)

A big thank you for you all! :smiley:


Lmao, just when I was bragging about this, was banned (so did Seriously though, I want to know whether its:

  1. Facebook really watching us closely.
  2. Someone who keeps reporting us.

YET sites like FAMESWAP, Epic, PlayerUp, etc, aren’t banned. I give up. We will no longer try to exist on Facebook.


Buy a separate domain like and redirect it to Share on FB it would redirect them to here :slight_smile:

I suggest using namecheap as they have good servers and i highly doubt a domain purchased from them would get banned.

What Qyrex? Ofc it will lol. The host has nothing to do with the ban.
FB manually ban links

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Never know until you try.

Another way is via domain -> redirects to URL shortner -> shortned url redirects to :wink:

Or @SWAPD just make a smooth html landing page on a new domain showcasing all your services, like how many deals have been done successfully, what services you guys offer etc. Have a popup button or a sticky button which says “Join our community” or “Join Now” which basically redirects them to But make sure u use url shortner because i guess is banned from FB and the debugger would detect that and ban that domain as well.

I can gurantee you that would work.

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And that is why all the tricks posted here are getting patched … How is the safety for listings… :open_mouth:… Pls don’t give access to premium member to have a look at the URL until u find the culprit…

How can I find the culprit, if there is one, it could literally be anyone.

Just check peeps who all saw this thread until 1 hour back when it is banned… So u can cut down to massive users list to minimal… Probably any one of them who saw this will be the one… it is easy to find then.

I don’t know whether it was instantly banned, it’s just that I’ve checked after bragging about it and it was banned.

Also, how could I check guests? That topic is public, by the way.

Could it be that you posted the link on here then it got banned?

Was the new link posted on here before it got banned?

Check out the IP’s that checked this topic in last 7 hours… Any unwanted IPs will be a suspect…

I don’t know when it was banned. It worked before I posted here, otherwise I wouldn’t post it here.

And what will I do with those IPs? Ban them? That never stopped anyone before.

That’s why it’s getting banned lol, you shouldn’t post the link on here. Make the thread uncrawlable, and post a screenshot of the URL.

Then it better be private topic in future :joy::joy::joy:… even it is banned then… the culprit is here inside…

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