User o1medyam is a scammer

Hello I’m here to inform everyone that user @01medyam is a scammer . He’s part of @dwsportsmanagment and @plugngsports . I know since I didn’t use the ticket system I will not receive the money for my service fee of 1500 usd for the Snapchat verification of soccer star henry onyekura . I verified Henry’s Snapchat account Thursday of last week . I’ve been promised payment by many times etc and The manager keeps delaying . He said Friday that he sent me a wire . I called my Wells Fargo bank and There no transactions pending . I asked him for a confirmation number and he will not give it . Today I was supposed to receive my wire supposedly I didn’t get it . Now he claims he cancelled it and will pay me finally in bitcoin which is a lie at this point . I have the players passport ect email . I only have the managers what’s app # . Which admin do I need to message to send all the chats from the manager . I just want him banned from the this platform at the very least

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Always use escrow, there isn’t a reason why you wouldn’t. I always make sellers pay their own fees anyway


yea, I’ve been there too! had a swapd member that done several deals with me before, then he sent me an account and I went ahead and submitted it before starting the ticket. Delivered and then he cancelled the ticket and claimed it was someone else which is obviously a lie. lesson learnt - always start the ticket first


Yea I just want bro banned